Renee Priem

Exec District Manager / Independent Consultant

Hi my name is Renee Priem and I am a Woman Inspired!

Inspired by my new lease on life, a new chapter of life, not just a human being but a HUMAN BECOMING!


Now, I totally get if this is all a bit “airy fairy” for you, but just hear me out first!

My life started out from humble beginnings, small towns, working middle-class parents and not much frill. Enter my pubescent years, and life started to challenge me in ways I have never imagined. Picture this, I was short, fat, freckled face, wore glasses and had a mouth full of awkward teeth, and absolutely no dress sense (not even in the version of the word for a young teen). I fumbled through high school, lost, not alone, I had friends, but I always felt like the token fat friend as the years passed.

This was not necessarily the story I was told by others, but the story I told myself. I in fact had became my own worst enemy, and my own biggest bully.

I was happy to move on from high school, I had grown out of my puppy fat (a little bit) but I still was bigger than everyone else. I moved away to Uni and started a new chapter of my life, little did I know I had packed the stories and bought them with me too.  I was still the fat, awkward, freckle faced friend. I struggled in this sea on night clubs, and short bodycon dresses. Uni came and went, and I left the same person I arrived as but with a degree!

I moved back home, unwilling to reconnect with my old high school friends, as I hadn’t returned morphed into this mature and beautiful butterfly like I had dreamt about, but still a fat caterpillar without a cocoon in sight.

I meet my husband at the age of 24 and we started dating, 4 years later we married, 2 years later welcomed our first son, one month after I turned 30!. We welcomed our second son 19 months later and our family was complete.

Life was perfect …… HA NOT!  Holy Moses was I kidding myself!!.

I was 33, a wife, two healthy kids, and sitting at rock bottom.

My world as I knew it had changed, along with my battered body and mental health.  I felt like a failure as a person, a wife and as a mother. I couldn’t even birth my children right, with both having to be by cesarean births, no too mention that I also failed to breastfeed them naturally too!. My body had let me down in every aspect of being a woman! I hated who I was so much, I was so embarrassed by how I look, I crawled into my hole and avoided public. When I had to surface to buy groceries and “adult”, I would purposely go out of my way to avoid people. I walked with my head down low, and my expectations on life even lower.

Then came a day that would set in motion the biggest change my life (a no I am not over reacting or selling you anything).

An old friend from high school contacted me out of the blue, she had started a new business (health and wellness products of all things) and wanted me to “take a look” at the products. Remember, I was 33, 120kgs, very unhealthy, very unhappy, and at rock bottom. I don’t know what possessed me to agree to see her but I’m glad I did.
I remember sitting their embarrassed and tired, and listening numbly to the words flowing out of her mouth; skincare (don’t use it – next), cosmetics (what’s the point – next). Before I knew it I had handed over my credit card details and had bought $500 worth of products (what the actual F#@k)!.

The products arrived, I took a photo of my naked face on the day I started using these products, and used them religiously every day for 60 days like instructed (hell if I was wasting my damn money). I took a after photo on day 60, I was determined to prove her products were a waste of time and money.


I could see change! So I pulled out the cosmetics I had bought from her and started doing my makeup every single morning. My head and shoulders slowly started lift and I started to stand taller, and my public appearances more frequent and with a lot less avoidance.

Then came the introduction of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Yes that’s right, you heard me, personal development!

Listening to audios that told me that I was worthy, I was good enough, and that I deserved to be happy. This internal change in my MINDSET was my greatest step forward.

As I changed the way I looked at myself, the way I looked change!

The weight started to fall of me, the confidence and self-love grew from within, and I began to love who I was, where I was going and appreciate where I had been. The very thing that had kept me in my hole was the very thing that set me free, MY MIND. The stories and negative thoughts I told myself everyday started to change to ones of happiness and self-love.

We are all capable of change, capable of new beginnings, and capable of living extraordinary lives. I am definitely not the expert of living the perfect life, but I am a walking example that we don’t have to settle, we don’t have to compromise and we can find happiness from humble beginnings.

With love,
Renee xx