Are you a size snob?

That’s right…. you!

Are you a size snob?  Do you refuse to buy an item of clothing simply because the tag does not say the specific size you want?

This is something I am starting to hear women come to me and say a lot lately.  It’s something I’ve never really come across before until recently.  They simply will not buy clothes that isn’t in the “size” they wear, regardless of how well it fits!  It could be the most amazing looking outfit they’ve ever tried on!  Makes them look like a queen, however, if it doesn’t have the “right size” on the tag… FORGET IT!

Are you a size snob?
| Reign Supriem |

I find the thinking behind it very interesting, perhaps, very unusual, however each to their own!

I am a true believer in dressing your body to suit your shape, and not by the generic size on a tag! 

Women fall into the trap of thinking that it is only socially acceptable to wear a certain or desired size on their clothes tag.  Let me assure you that even a woman dressed in the most desired size tag can look like a hot mess!

Yes, that’s right, I said it, size 18 women can look just as amazing as size 8 women!  As it is totally dependent on their ability to dress their body shape, to their colour tones, and in a style that compliments them.  Simple!

Are you a SIZE snob? | Reign Supriem |

My hot tips when shopping include:

  1. Have an occasion in mind that you are shopping for: work, casual, my friends wedding
  2. Know your colour palette: you might not know it or have realised it yet, but certain colours suit you more than others!  So stick to them!  Chances are, you’ve been complimented when wearing certain colour/s before, so run with that.  Aim for these colours when shopping.  For beginners let’s just focus on that, and not try and focus on seasonal colours and current trends, as they will come and go, but your key colours will never change.
  3. Know your body shape and how to dress it, to compliment your shape, as looking good has nothing to do with the size you are.  If you don’t know what your body shape is and how to dress it…. check out my previous blog on Shape not size.
  4. When trying on clothes if it doesn’t instantly make you feel amazing, and there is any element of doubt, DON’T BUY IT.  Look at what you don’t like about it, look at what you do like about it, and then go back into the shop and look for those features on other clothes.  Trust me, this process gets easier and it will become second nature to just pick up clothes of the rack that have the features that will compliment your shape.

So my size phobia friends, you can keep keep on being a size snob, but be warned, you still can look like a hot mess, regardless what size you’re wearing.