How to piece together a Fashions of the Field outfit!

A basic guide to getting trackside this racing season!

Are you ready for another season trackside and another year of FASHIONS OF THE FIElD?

If you’re anything like I was, you may struggle with piecing together a nice, complementary outfit for a day trackside at the races.  I’ve always loved fashion, and in-particular racing fashion.  There is just something so fun about getting all glammed up and donning on a large beautiful headpiece that gets me every time.

However, I used to really struggle to piece together an outfit.  Not only to look good trackside, but to also be competitive in the Fashions of the Field competitions.  Now, I still wouldn’t class myself as an “expert” in any sense of the word, but I have managed to win a few sashes now, so I must be doing something right!

Okay so we do you start?

  1. First of all: what season is it? Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter?
    The season will affect the colour pallet that you should wear.  A general rule I try to go with includes:
    Spring – pastels and florals.
    Summer – bright colours and colour blocking.
    Autumn – rich colour tones such as navy, burgundy, mustard, red, and dark bottle greens.
    Winter – similar to Autumn with it’s dark, moody tones.
    THEME: be mindful that some race days with have a particular colour theme for the day, such as Oaks Day with is Black and White, or your local club may choose to have a “Blue Theme” for a particular race meet.
  2. Pick your statement piece: Bag/Clothing/Headpiece.
    I tend to find something in particular that really stands out to me, and then work from there.
    Statement piece: Clutch purse

    Clutch Purse
    |Reign Supriem |

    I stumbled upon this beautiful clutch purse at Colette and instantly feel in love.  It’s bold peach colour along with rose embroidery instantly attracted my attention.  From here I am going to pick out some key features and colours from the purse to work with.  I love the beautiful jade green colour on the purse, so I am going to find a dress to compliment this colour.

  3. Choose your outfit to compliment your statement piece: (in this case my clutch purse)
    I found this gorgeous jade green dress from a local boutique clothing store, Lissy’s Closet, and instantly was drawn to the colour.  It compliments the green on the decal on my clutch purse perfectly.  Not to mention, the gorgeous design of the fishtail hem line.

    Races Fashion
    | Reign Supriem |

    Races fashion tends to fall into two categories, Classic and Contemporary.  Within these categories tends to be dress codes also, with which judges will judge outfits on.  Strapless dresses do not adhere to these guidelines however, so I happen to stumble upon this perfect cape coat last year from Boohoo which matches perfectly.  I bought this cape online last season because I just loved the look of it.  This cape has the versatility to be teamed up with either a simple red dress, or in this case a gorgeous bottle green dress.  The simplicity of the dress adds to the sleek and stylish vibe of the cape, and also brings out the colour in the roses embroidered on the front of the cape.

    Cape Jacket
    |Reign Supriem |


  4. Complete the look with a headpiece: the fascinator I have chosen I have found online via an online Millenary website which you can rent or buy headpieces from.  Amazingly, the fascinator I have found here matches perfectly, in colour, and with a similar embroidered rose detail.  This will compliment the outfit, and match with my statement piece.

    Peach + Rose Fascinator
    | Reign Supriem |


  5. Finishing the look from hands to feet: Given the colour palette and style of my overall outfit, incorporating the cape, I am planning to wear this outfit around late Autumn (April/May) so I will need to incorporate some gloves and closed in shoes too, if I am going to adhere to the general Fashion of the Field guidelines.
    So, I am going to complete my outfit with a pair of bottle green half-palm leather gloves, and I have a stunning pair of heels which have a beautiful red and green floral print.  Finally to complete my outfit, a clutch purse.  I was even more fortunate to stumble across this almost identical clutch purse a year later and bam instant matching!

    Fashion of the Field Outfit
    | Reign Supriem |


  6. Complete your look: Hair and Makeup
    My tips when it comes to hair and makeup, is to keep it simple!  This works well, especially if you’re not quite savvy in the hair department.  My go to look for hair is a simple low bun, using a hair donut.  This gives it a simple, sleek and classy look and I don’t have to worry about my hair blowing around everywhere on particularly windy days.When it comes to makeup, again if in doubt, keep it simple and classic.  More often than not, I will tend to go for a bold eye and simple natural lip, however, I do like to add a nice bold red lip on Ladies Oaks Day when I’m wearing a gorgeous black and white number.  A bold red lip can also work with a bold red theme outfit, or wears will with navy outfits too.  If you need some hints and tips on makeup application, please contact me for some complimentary advice and ideas!Happy racing xx